Our Solutions and services through Our experts, Partners  & associates.

We have a strong partnership with many highly promising startups and established companies with products and services for  Educational Institutes. We cater to  Schools, Engineering colleges, Polytechnic, ITIs (Industry Training Institues) Medical and to an extend Dental & Paramedical teaching centres, BBM, MBA streams etc, .

Deployment and delivery of these are also coupled with expert visits to centres from Chowki Connect Volunteers who are highly accomplished professionals in India and Abroad.

Our mission to Empower Institutes & teaching faculties to enable achieve better Learning objectives and  to help in improving teaching efficiency.  Listed below are our some of our capabilities. Customized solutions from this list and other associates will be taken up for discussions.


Digital content for Anatomy, Physiology with

Clinical Illustrations.
Over 150 digital courses (30-60 minutes each) on Disease, Disease Management, Medical Procedures and Diagnostic Tests.
Smart / Health Sites for hospitals to improve customer engagement.


Request you to Please E mail to contact-us@chowki.co.in for more details & demo requests.

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Centers of Excellences with  Automation Labs comprising CNC Lab, Mechatronics Lab, PLC Lab, Robotics Lab - together or separately. Renewable Energy Lab, Mechanics Lab, Electronics Lab - with Functional Models, Project Works, Machines, Mobile Labs, etc.
Automotive Labs with Cut Sections and Functional Models.
Digital content for engineering subjects, books, etc.

English Language Lab – High-end with personalized lesson plans and guaranteed improvements in spoken English.

1)Finishing School program for colleges to enhance employability & employment of students - Comprises instructor-led interventions supported by digital content used in classrooms and labs. Covers communication and soft skills, aptitude, group discussions, interview preparation, industry readiness, etc.

2)E-Learning certification course in Design & Simulation.

3)Programs for Degree / MBA colleges for job opportunities in the Banking industry.

Education Institutes  Administration/ ERP / Complete campus automation. (Both on cloud & off cloud solutions)

Digital content for Fundamentals of Finance, Soft Skills - Interview Skills, Presentation Skills, Time Management, etc. - both computer-based and faculty-led programs.

Digital Economics Lab with animations, case studies, etc.

Digital content for first year of engineering studies covering - Basics of Mechanical Engineering, Basics of Electronics Engineering, Engineering Graphics, Data Structures & Algorithms, Fundamentals of C / C++, Basics of Electrical Engineering, Molecules Handbook, Engineering Mechanics.

Robotics kits that can be used to create a Robotics Lab or sold to individual students.

An online web-based Electronic Circuits Lab that helps the students understand concepts right from basic to advanced concepts.
A Computer Programming platform that brings a “learning by doing” platform for programming.

Content discovery and aggregation platform to enable teachers and students discover relevant content, rate it and share it.

English Language Lab for improvement in all aspects of listening and spoken English.

Platform for talent discovery in students and Multiple Intelligence In Motion.

Mathematics Lab kit usable in classroom.

Maths lab facility on lines of labs for Physics, Chemistry

Computer teaching pedagogy. Resource materials and Training to Teachers

Comprehensive Assessments

Outsourced Physical Education  & sport curriculum

Life Skills (Thinking, Social and Emotional) digital content.

Complete Montessori and Pre-school equipment without Franchise fees and profit sharing.

Health record system of each child in the school.

Highly durable Designer Furniture’s, Consumables supplies for Educational Institutes

GPS based bus tracking solutions

Social Media Platform for Education