The Chowki Connect initiative provides a active platform for professionals in the industry to contribute to the academic activities. For more than 10 years, a close network of acomplished professionals have been volunteering time and effort and doing various activities over weekend or in their spare time.


This include being on academic advisory boards, curriculam review teams, expert faculty, seminars and case studies, counselling, mentoring, part time project guides, project sponsorships and other activities as worked out with Colleges. We are engaged mainly in colleges in and around Bangalore. However, we do have programs for contributors from other locations especially in content development,remote presentations and support.


The financial considerations are not major driving factors in this social initiative. Certain level of passion to teach is common theme that brought Chowki Connect volunteers together. Chowki Services Private Limited is honored to be sponsoring Chowki Connect initiative and sincerely thank all the volunters and invite others to join as well. If such a project is of interest to you, please contact us at


Please include your professional and location details, ideas in this field, time commitments and any reference to past activities.Thanks in advance for your interest.